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We have posted answers to the most frequently asked questions below. 


Can my youth group really make a difference?

Yes, it can! If only a fraction of the youth groups across the country planted a monarch waystation on their church grounds, and inspired a few people in their congregations to do the same, we could make a dramatic difference. Habitat loss is a problem we know how to solve.

How do I get started?

Begin with your youth planning calendar and the Activities page on this website. This project is very flexible. Choose which activities work with your youth group and your budget. Scale them up or down as you see fit.

My church is in an urban area, how can my youth group participate?

Urban environments are actually really important for supporting pollinators of all kinds! The landscaping, gardens and even potted plants reconnect a fragmented landscape and supply vital resources for monarchs and other beneficial insects. Native plants do the most good for biodiversity. If your church property is not ideal for planting a monarch waystation, you may find members of your congregation or community who would welcome your youth group to plant a waystation on their property. Some cities even allow vacant lots to be utilized. In addition, many of the activities described on this website do not require any property at all. Hosting educational events to engage the community in monarch conservation is a very important part of saving the monarch. You could also seek out volunteer opportunities at local parks, zoos, nature centers or on the website. Additionally, consider having a fundraiser for monarch conservation. The good works done by the organizations listed on our Resources page are only made possible by contributions.

My youth group is not of the Christian faith. Can we still participate ?

Yes! Absolutely! We encourage your participation. Caring for creation is taught in many faiths. It is a uniting purpose.

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

Our team is here to help you. Send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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