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Youth for Monarchs Project

ELCA gives grant to Monarch creation care project

Dec 1, 2018

Thanks to a generous grant from the ELCA, the Lutheran Youth Monarch Ark website was fully funded enabling youth groups across the country to collaborate and make a difference in the survival of a species.


CtK Youth Group of West Chester, OH certifies waystation. 

November 3, 2018

The CtK Youth Group completed a Monarch waystation in two phases on their church property. The first phase was completed with live plants in September. The second phase, a prairie style garden, was almost entirely sown with seed in November. A certificate of appreciation from Monarch Watch was awarded to the CtK Youth for the creation and maintenance of Monarch waystation #22363.


Hungry Caterpillars

Aug 18, 2018

On August 18th , 2018, one of the students in the CtK Lutheran Church youth group in West Chester, Ohio found several Monarch caterpillars in her yard. They were running out of food. This discovery led to one youth group's year long service-learning project on the Monarch in creation. So impactful was their journey that they decided to share it with others. This desire to care for God's creation led to the creation of Youth for Monarchs.

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