Teach About Monarchs

Flight of the Butterflies DVD.jpg

Host a Film at Your Church

Enlighten your youth about monarchs and empower them to share the story with others!

Flight of the Butterflies on Blu-Ray is our top pick for films. It is both educational and entertaining, and it engages viewers young and old. 

"It is a natural history epic. It is a detective story. Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist’s 40-year search to unravel the mystery–where do they go each fall? Experience the Flight of the Butterflies."

Obtain permissions to show Flight of the Butterflies by contacting SKFilms at agarcia@skfilms.ca.

There are many wonderful films available to teach about monarchs. See our Resources section for a link to purchase information for PBS Nova: The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies, another great choice! 


Learn from the Experts

Take your youth on a field trip, or bring an expert to them.

Many towns and cities have educational programs in their parks and zoos. Plan an outing with your youth, their friends and their parents. Or have a monarch conservation specialist come and speak to your group. Call your county agent, your park district, or your local university for recommendations. You can check our link to see if MonarchWatch.org has a conservation specialist near you.

Monarch Chrysalis

Spend a Summer Raising Monarchs

Encounter the awe of being up close and personal with one of God's most amazing creatures and share the experience with your youth group.

Once your milkweed plants are mature, and monarchs visit your garden, you may begin to find eggs and caterpillars. Raising a few monarchs in captivity is a fun and exciting activity and your youth will enjoy being a part of it. Follow the link below to MonarchWatch for instructions. It is important to raise monarchs responsibly. The Monarch Joint Venture website includes information on the negative effects caused by raising too many monarchs in captivity. Find that information, as well as other resources for raising monarchs on our Resources page.