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Learn what the Bible has to say about monarchs in creation.

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The Monarch in Creation

A free, downloadable discussion guide

This discussion guide has been developed as a Christian education tool for use after viewing an educational film about monarch butterflies. Several excellent, family-friendly films are available to choose from.

When we contemplate the splendor in creation, we are inspired to recognize the power and goodness of the Creator. This discussion guide is intended to help youth leaders guide their students to discover the appropriate Christian response to the creation that God loves so much. Grounded in Holy Scripture and informed by the writings of theologians across denominations, this guide is designed to heighten students’ awareness of:

  • the wonder in creation

  • the goodness in creation.

  • how much God loves the world

  • the place of humans in creation

The Monarch in Creation
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Find more Creation Care Resources from within Your Denomination

The Eco-Justice Ministries website is a wealth of information including what creation care resources are available from within your own denomination. See the link below.

Foggy Forest
Connect with Scripture: Get Involved
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